Welcome to the United Arts Club.

Fostering the nine arts in Ireland;
Literature, Music, Dance, Theatre, Drawing,
Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Architecture.

The United Arts Club has since its foundation in 1907 been a home for people interested in the Arts; literature, music, painting, drama, film; and good conversation. It is a place to unwind, meet and make friends, encounter acquaintances and enjoy the arts. Situated in the heart of Georgian Dublin, the Club provides an oasis for lovers of the arts. Every month we run a diverse programme of events for our members and their guests. These include art exhibitions, concerts, recitals, discussions, lectures, poetry readings and honorary dinners. The Club, with has a long history of fostering all, of the arts in Ireland.

After special occasions such as literary dinners and the annual Garden Party, exhibitions etc photographs will be posted and can be viewed in our online gallery. We also encourage members to help develop the site and welcome any suggestions, photographs, drawings and archive material you would like to submit for publishing.

Our members include painters, sculptors, movie-makers, musicians, playwrights and poets, novelists and journalists, architects, designers, academics, diplomats, doctors, dentists, lawyers, scientists and students, all with a keen interest in enjoying the Arts. The election of new members is carried out monthly by the Committee and candidates must be proposed and seconded by members of the Club of three years standing.

The Club year begins on 1st January and subscriptions are adjusted accordingly. Membership is open to practitioners in all disciples of the Arts as well as to people who have a genuine interest in the Arts. Membership is divided into various categories, principally Town, Country, Overseas and Artist Membership with subscription rates adjusted per status. Click on the members’ page for further information and to download an application form.



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