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IADT Exhibition Opening Friday 18th January at 6pm “Making the Intangible Tangible”
Our next exhibition opening on Friday 18th January at  6pm.
The dining room will also be open on Friday from 6pm, bookings can made through the office : office@dublinarts.com or 01 6611411



Making the Intangible Tangible

This exhibition at the start of the new year marks a midpoint in the academic calendar and a midpoint in many of the student’s time at IADT. Much of the work is from 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students who are in different stages of their four-year journey through the BA in Art.

January is often seen as a reflective month and in this vein it seems appropriate to hold an exhibition of the work which is ‘in progress’. Making art is a strange pastime and an even more peculiar choice of career but for some reason we have dedicated ourselves to exploring ideas, interests and research questions through the medium of art. This medium of art takes many forms and is ever expanding, the art college studio aims to provide the space for this laboratory type exploration, a place for trials, experiments, mistakes and successes.

Brian O Doherty describes the studio space as ‘containing completed works, abandoned works and works waiting for resurrection, in the studio the future plunges into past, a future exerting on the present the pressure of unborn ideas ’(1)

We have chosen the title ‘Making the Intangible Tangible’ as an umbrella description to describe what we artists do. Through physical making we make visible our thoughts, ideas and concerns. On the BA programme we aim to combine teaching creative studio methodologies, research skills, workshop skills, critical thinking while also framing it within historical and contemporary art contexts.

The work in this show has been removed from that safe comfortable space of the studio into this public event and showcases many works that are still in flux, some are resolved yet others remain open to change.

Due to space restrictions we have had to place more focus on works on paper and paintings but on our BA Art Programme, students work in a wide range of mediums so we are delighted to have a small representation of performance, video and sculpture.

A series of Dry Point prints and Acrylic on boards are the outcome of our 2nd year project at the National History Museum, there were a number of tight parameters placed on the student i.e. The site/location, the medium i.e. Dry Point and Acrylic paint on a predefined plate size and board yet through these restrictions a wide range of outcomes emerged. Another 2nd year project was based at Dalkey Quarry where the students responded to this manmade landscape.

3rd year allows for increased development of the students particular interests after spending 2nd year developing their ideas through making and trials in a number of techniques. Our third years are showing a range of works from their self- directed research and the 4th years are showing some of their work which is in development towards the final year show in June.

A number of video works from the Art Film strand of the programme will be screened on the
opening night and there will also be some performances taking place.

The opportunity to exhibit our work in public offers great learning opportunities for us all and we would like to thank the United Arts Club for inviting us.

(1) Brian O Doherty, Studio and Cube: On the relationship between Where Art is Made and Where Art is Displayed (Columbia University Press 2007)




January 18 @ 6:00 pm
February 3 @ 8:30 pm
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